I don’t feel the need to expound on much today, as it’s already been taken apart, analyzed, and millions of tweets have been spilled.

So a quick two things:

1) As a teacher, these things hit me very hard. I’ve always viewed school as a safe place. The fact that schools are now locking their doors, having parents sign their kids in and out, all of that, is devastating. I wish there was some innocence still left so that kids can just worry about being kids, and growing up. Like they’re supposed to do at school.

I love my students. I love teaching them. I couldn’t imagine if anything ever happened to them, and I’m never surprised when I hear stories of teachers committing acts of bravery to save students. It’s just another part of what we do, and why you should tell a teacher today how much you appreciate them.

2) I don’t want a gun.