Music in 2013.

I widely regard 2010 to be the best year for released music in my lifetime. Any one of my top 8 or so albums could’ve been the top album in another year. Sleigh Bells released the punishing and fresh Treats, Beach House had the incredible Teen Dream, Damien Jurado shocked me with a harrowing and haunting Saint Bartlett, Tokyo Police Club dominated with Champ, and The National, Local Natives, Tallest Man on Earth all just fell short of my #1 album in 2010, Kanye West’s magnum opus, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

This year might end up topping that. Tokyo Police Club and The National both have albums due later this year. Local Natives just released their newest album and it’s fantastic. Kanye West is too prolific NOT to release an album this year. Throw all those fantastic artists into a pile that includes a new Daft Punk record(their first “proper release” since 2005), a new effort from Vampire Weekend, a record from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs I thought we would never get, and a new MIA record coming from a place where MIA sounds more motivated than she’s ever been, and that’s 8 potentially phenomenal records right there. Not only that, but I’m sure there will be the regular handful of bands that I haven’t heard as of this minute who release something this year that is as vital and important as any of the records coming from established artists.

But the list doesn’t stop. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE HAS A NEW RECORD. Pop’s savior has returned because, why not? While I didn’t think “Suit and Tie” was the second coming, the man is too talented for the album not to be good or at least have a few vital tracks.

Wye Oak had my favorite album of 2011. It would seem like the prolific twosome would be in line for a follow-up, and given how interesting “Civilian” was, I’m excited to see the direction the band is heading in.

Cloud Nothings had one of my top 3 records of 2012, and are already promising new material. Normally two records in consecutive years would have me a bit scared, but Dylan Baldi’s talent and age(he’s only 21) makes me feel like he’s simply eager and has more to say.

Phoenix announced a new record. A$AP Rocky released what will likely be one of the better hip-hop records of the year. Unknown Mortal Orchestra. ATOMS FOR PEACE. Thom Yorke and his supergroup are releasing something that is bound to be at the very least, interesting. Earl Sweatshirt is back, motivated, and if “Chum” is any indication, he could be releasing the hip-hop record of the year. Though his compatriot, Tyler, the Creator, might have something to say about that.

Oh, and My Bloody Valentine.

So yeah. 2013. Let’s do this.