Team Gushue Post-Game Interview.

When I started Cullen and a Curler, I did it because curling is full of really great personalities. Because of the lack of mainstream media coverage in curling, when curlers are featured on TV/in interviews, they are often pigeonholed into very brief interviews where they can’t express themselves and are forced into the usual series of post-game quotes about missed opportunities, how well they/their opponent played, etc.

Dean Gemmell started his great podcast, The Curling Show, quite a few years back, and curlers’ personalities began to shine in a longer format. It’s only recently that YouTube has begun to play a role, and it’s about damn time.

I’ve only been able to do 3 Cullen and a Curlers so far, but they’ve amassed almost 6,000 views between the 3, and feedback has been tremendous. There’s no reason why more of this stuff shouldn’t be done by the CCA, CurlingZone(which has just started their own YouTube series, “Far From Home”), and any other curling media outlet. There’s quite clearly a market for this(this Gushue video amassed over 2,000 views overnight), and it only paints our sport in a positive light.

So kudos to Brad, Brett, Adam, and Geoff for putting this together(with what looks like an assist from Al Cameron, CCA Media Director), and let’s see more of this please.