Tour Mailbag #2: It’s a Great Big Seaaaaaaaa

As many of you know, I went on my first big tour across this beautiful country of ours for the month of July. It was pretty cool to be able to play shows in my home province of Ontario, and to make it out to the east coast for the first time. I felt and continue to feel very blessed for all of the opportunities comedy has given me, and getting to travel anywhere to do something you love is pretty amazing.

I really wanted to sit down and write a blog about my travels, but I figured that most of what I’d have to say is pretty boring and uninteresting. So I thought I’d ask my friends if they had any questions, to find out perhaps what the interesting parts of my tour are, and I got some cool questions. So here is Part 2. Let’s do this thing!

Victoria asked: What was your best free meal?

This is an excellent question. I didn’t actually get too many free meals on tour, as I was either staying in downtown Toronto and having dinner dates with various friends almost every night, orrrrrr I was in a hotel in Halifax, where I got 50% off my meals.

But I did get to visit my wonderful BC friends Earl and Candace in Ottawa, and Candace cooked up an absolutely darling meal of salmon, spinach salad, kebabs, and macaroons for dessert! So I would say that one. Great company, too.

Kathryn asked: Who was your favorite comedian that you worked with?

I was really blessed this tour to work with two people that I really liked and admired growing up. I was a big fan of comedy from my early teens, so it was really cool to get to work with two people I’ve seen on TV for years and loved for a long time in Laurie Elliott and Angelo Tsarouchas. It also helped that they were both really awesome and very kind.

And getting to tour the East Coast with two homies, Kyle Jones and Brett Martin, was a real treat. Sometimes you show up for these small tours and you not only have to work with, but live with, some really interesting people that you’ve never met before, and it can be tough. It was a blessing to be with two guys from home I know very well, and two great friends.

Though truly, I enjoyed everyone I got to work with this tour. It was a blast.

Laurie asked: What’s the deal with your Gramps?

So my grandfather(mom’s side) came to my show in Mississauga. He had come and seen me back in October, so I was pretty surprised to see him out at another show less than a year later, but it was pretty wicked. I have a very supportive family, and it is pretty awesome when you’re traveling across the country to have the support of your family and friends.

My Grandpa is just a cool guy. He “retired” probably 15 years ago, but still works all the time, mostly at golf courses. Loves old movies. Lives in Florida half the year. And if you ask him, he also made Russell Peters’ career. He can tell you that story sometime.

Katie asked: How did you end up at Great Big Sea’s house?

So here’s the thing. Brett, Kyle, and myself were all invited to Alan Doyle’s(lead singer of Great Big Sea) house after our show on Saturday night in St. John’s. I did not go. I only said on Facebook that I was INVITED. Key difference.

Basically, everyone in Newfoundland is super, super friendly, and they are genuinely appreciative when you put on a good show. It was quite a contrast to Vancouver crowds. Generally, when you do a show here, people avoid you afterwards like you have a communicable disease. In St. John’s, it is not uncommon for the show to end and you have 20 people lined up wanting to talk to you/buy you drinks/invite you to their house(seriously. I ended up in two different strangers’ houses, just because they liked my show. One of our hosts came up to me and said, “oh, you don’t drink? Do you want a popsicle?”, which is basically the greatest thing anyone has ever said to me).

So we had finished our Saturday night show, and a guy came up to us and said, “I’m going to a party at Alan Doyle’s house right now. You guys should come.” We had a thought that he might be full of shit, but after he bugged us about it several times, we agreed to take his number, and see where the night went.

Eventually, only Brett decided to go, but the guy was not full of shit. Brett ended up at a party at Alan Doyle’s house, for Alan’s wife and their neighbor. Apparently, the party was essentially for Newfoundland’s elite, and was more of a wine and cheese, “there’s a stage built in the backyard and some girl is playing a harp on it” type of party. It happens. Newfoundland, right?

I’ll be sure to look Alan up next time I am there. I also hear Michael Ryder has a pretty sweet pad.