Magical Question Fun Time with Joanne Courtney.

I gotta get back to posting my writing on this website. As many of you know, Shnarped and I parted ways after they decided to move away from their “social media for athletes” platform towards a more “Instagram for Sports”-type thing. I had an awesome time writing Magical Question Fun Time for them, but they were moving away from written content, and so we parted ways amicably.

I didn’t want to stop doing this interview series that had become so much fun for me, so I decided to approach Curling Canada to see if they wanted me to do the interview series but with curlers instead of junior hockey players. They loved the idea, and here we are!

For my 4th edition of MQFT on Curling Canada’s website, I sat down with Joanne Courtney, second for Team Homan and all-around awesome person. We started out our phone call with Joanne telling me that she “interviewed horribly” and that she “wasn’t funny”. I told her that I was pretty sure neither of those things were true, and wouldn’t you know it? I was right.

Take a read here, and find out just how rad Joanne indeed is.

MQFT with Joanne Courtney