John Cullen is the rare comedian that you watch and he’s having so much fun on stage that you can’t decide whether he’s having more fun or you are. Comedy should be about having fun, after all, and John’s had a lot of it, accomplishing many things in just 8 years as a stand-up comedian. His album, Most Likely to be a Comedian, went to #1 on iTunes and can be frequently heard on SiriusXM radio. His former podcast, Real Good Show, was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award and his current podcast, Blocked Party, regularly hits the top 50 on the iTunes podcast charts and has been featured on the A.V. Club. He’s appeared on television as part of the Just for Laughs, Winnipeg and Halifax Comedy Festivals, and is a regular at the Just for Laughs Northwest festival. Oh, and he’s made multiple appearances on CBC’s The Debaters.

So there. Come out to a show and let’s have a very nice time.


John was born with hockey skates on and will probably die the same way, as one does when they grow up in Southern Ontario. A life-long hockey fan, John spent time as a staff writer at Hockey Now, Canada’s most widely-published hockey magazine, working there for 3 years, and has also written for the Vancouver Province, Shnarped Hockey, and Canucks Army.


John has been curling competitively since 1999, picking up the game in Ontario and then leaving for the British Columbia curling scene. He has been to BC Men’s Provincials 10 times(winning silver in 2015 and 2017 and bronze in 2012, 2016, and 2019), won six World Curling Tour events, and is currently playing lead for Team Barry, who have been consistently ranked in the top 50 on the WCT Money List.

John also hosts a curling podcast called “Stone + Straw”, a one-on-one interview podcast where he travels across Canada to interview the game’s top players in an intimate format. He also writes for the Curling Canada website, writing a popular interview feature called “Magical Question Fun Time”, a series of silly interviews with players from across the country.

He previously hosted an acclaimed webseries called “Cullen and a Curler”, one of the first curling interview series to feature personality-style, one-on-one interviews with top curlers. Past guests on that show included 2013 World Champion/2014 Olympic Bronze Medalist Niklas Edin, 2010 Olympic Gold Medalist Ben Hebert, and 2014 Olympic Gold Medalist Brad Jacobs.

The video series can still be found on the world’s largest independent curling website, CurlingZone, and can be streamed at http://www.youtube.com/CurlingZone


John has played in two bands in the Vancouver music scene, Shukov and Hayfa Makes Music. Both can be found on the interwebs if you care enough to search the first 40 pages of Google. His bands have played all over Western Canada with the likes of k-os, Tokyo Police Club, Hey Ocean!, Current Swell, and a host of other wonderful people.

He has also written music criticism since he could put sentences together, working for various platforms in print and online, and with record labels such as Island, Universal, Dine Alone, and Equal Vision.


Last but not least, John wanted to be a teacher from an early age. As early as he could remember. He currently fulfills that dream, working as a teacher-on-call, mainly in English. Eventually, he’ll get a full-time job, when he grows up and stuff.

All the views/opinions on this website are his own, unfortunately.

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