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Blocked Party podcast cover art

Blocked Party is a podcast hosted by John and Stefan Heck, two internet idiots who bring a guest on every week to talk about a time they were blocked on social media. The show just celebrated its 100th episode and will celebrate its one millionth download by the end of 2020. The show has been featured multiple times on the A.V. Club, including its “Best of 2019” list, as well as on Vulture Comedy. The show has featured a wide range of guests from those in the comedy sphere such as Nikki Glaser, Ike Barinholtz, and the Doughboys, to those in the media sphere such as Jemele Hill, Ashley Feinberg, Sam Seder, and Taylor Lorenz. The show boasts one of the top 150 highest-grossing podcast accounts on Patreon and is regularly featured in the iTunes top 200.

The POD kast podcast cover art

The P.O.D. Kast is John’s other podcast that he hosts with Bryan Quinby of the acclaimed Street Fight Radio. After discovering Bryan shared the same love for nu-metal music that John did on an episode of Blocked Party, the two began to collaborate, and together, they review one “classic” nu-metal album every month, from Korn to Limp Bizkit and back again. Despite being ostensibly each host’s “second” podcast, the show does an impressive number of downloads each month and has found a home with people who love to revisit one of music’s most maligned genres.