John can currently be heard as one of the two hosts on Blocked Party, a podcast with internet genius Stefan Heck (@boring_as_heck) where the two invite comedians, actors, and internet personalities on the show to discuss times they were blocked on social media. The podcast has been featured on the A.V. Club’s weekly Podmass section, and has been noted as a fast-rising podcast by both the iTunes and Patreon charts. The Blocked Boys can be followed on Twitter @BlockedPartyPod, and the show is currently available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, and wherever else you find your podcasts.

John also hosts a curling podcast called Stone+Straw, where he travels across Canada to interview some of the game’s top players. The podcast is the first in curling where all interviews are done with both the host and guest in the same room, and discussing curlers’ careers in a very in-depth way. Listeners have described the show as intimate and revealing, and the show just wrapped its first season with guests ranging from current Canadian women’s champion Chelsea Carey to Olympians John Morris and Marc Kennedy. It can be followed on Twitter @StoneStrawPod, and heard on iTunes and everywhere else you get your pods.

John is also a co-host of Podcaps, the only Vancouver Whitecaps podcast in existence, with fellow Vancouver comedian Chris James. The two of them are season ticket holders and try to blend analysis of their favourite MLS team with some laughs. They still can’t believe there aren’t any other Whitecaps podcasts, but until there are, theirs can be downloaded on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/id1212569707, and the boys can be followed on Twitter @PodcapsFC. No one is really sure if the podcast still exists, but it does in John and Chris’ hearts.

In addition to his own podcast, he has been a featured guest(and guest host!) on a fair number of podcasts, all featured below. Some of these podcasts are just straight-forward chats about life/comedy/whatever, where some of these podcasts have really great and different formats that are fun to explore. Listen and enjoy!

December 20, 2018.

The Mess Hall Podcast
Guest with Avery Cochrane

This was a fun one, as I sat down with Avery in Calgary to discuss my eating habits. We talked about knives, curling club food vs. comedy club food, and delved a little bit into my stand-up comedy. Avery is a former chef and we had a good one.

July 18, 2018.

The Todd Shapiro Show
Guest Host with Tom Green and Big Jay Oakerson

I returned for my second stint on the Todd Shapiro show, and Todd and I picked up where we left off with some fun chemistry. We had great interviews with two guys I really look up to in comedy in Tom Green and Big Jay, who somehow ended up being interviewed at the same time. We talked a bunch about Just for Laughs, comedy, and DeMar DeRozan’s trade from the Toronto Raptors.

September 19, 2017.

From the Hack
Guest with Frank Roch and Mike Fournier

As you know, I’m always down to chat curling, and as a long-time admirer of Mike Fournier’s writing online, it was cool that FTH host Frank Roch brought the two of us together to talk about life on the World Curling Tour as a “tier two” team. We chatted about curling in our respective provinces(BC and Quebec), what it’s like not being one of the “pro” teams, the Everest Curling Challenge, and more. It was a real good time and Frank promised to have me back on solo, so look forward to that soon.

July 7, 2017.

Todd Shapiro Show
Co-Host with Todd Shapiro, Calwyn Shurgold, and Patrick Keeley

When I was in Toronto for my first-ever Yuk’s Toronto headlining dates, I was able to squeeze in a few appearances on Sirius XM Radio, and this was an absolute treat. Todd hosts the drive-time show on Canada Laughs for 4-6 every day, and so this is a recording of that show. As co-host, Todd and I got along super well and found some chemistry early, as we talked teaching, virtual reality, and brought Calwyn Shurgold from Orphan Black along for the ride. Tons of laughs and the show is surprisingly listenable as a podcast as well as a radio show.

May 21, 2017.

What’s So Funny?
Guest with Guy MacPherson

I returned for my second stint on Guy’s show to promote my album and talk life with one of my favourite people to chat comedy to. We talked about teaching, growing up in the gifted program, the Real Good Jokers, and playing drums. Oh, and my comedy. It was a really fun time, even if I did lose at Trivial Pursuit.

March 20, 2017.

Avry’s Sports Show
Guest with host Avry Lewis-McDougall

Avry is an experienced sports reporter/blogger/podcaster, and an avid listener of Real Good Show, so he asked me to sit down and talk about my #brand. He was very curious about how I combine all the things I do together, how RGS got its start, and we chatted the Maple Leafs and comedy as well. Really fun dude and a nice chat, if you’re ever curious about anything RGS-related.

March 17, 2017.

TFC Pitchside Whitecaps v. TFC Preview
Guest with hosts Dan Riccio and Thomas Michalakos.

Even though me and Chris were only two episodes into Podcaps, I was asked to guest on the premier TFC podcast/radio show, TFC Pitchside, to preview their match against the Whitecaps on March 18, 2017. We talked trips to Mexico, Carl Robinson, and how Alphonso Davies makes opponents feel like potential child abusers. Super fun time and my first time on sports talk radio!

September 28, 2016.

Killing the Room Episode 3.
Guest with hosts Pam Choi and Hamza Zain.

I was one of the first guests on a new podcast with two amateur Vancouver comedians talking about the worst in comedy: my worst show, the worst advice I ever received, and so on. We had a blast until I made Pam want to jump out the window with my terrible movie puns. It was a very good time and worth checking out if you want to hear about the unfortunate side of comedy.

July 6, 2016.

Sportsfeld Episode 68: Golden State Wario
Guest with hosts Jake Goldsbie and Andrew Zuber.

RGS’ effectual Toronto chapter(even though they started before us), it was a pleasure to sit down with the Zubes and a very drunk Jake for a late-night episode of one of my favorite sports-casts. We talk Kevin Durant, Steven Stamkos, and I continue my trend of making insane reveals at the end of the show. I can’t say too much other than it involves Jake’s role on Degrassi and me fooling an entire school. Well worth a listen.

May 31, 2016.

The Work Report with Matt Wright Episode 26.
Guest with host Matt Wright.

Matt is one of my best pals, and we had an awesome talk ranging from the weirdest crowd interaction we’ve ever had to what it was like to play Just for Laughs to the best advice I’ve ever received. It was super fun to have a funny and engaging chat with a guy I really respect in the business and who has walked a similar path to me in comedy.

January 28, 2016.

From the Backline Episode 112.
Guest with hosts Mark Dailey and Jorge Mendoza.

I love the Vancouver Whitecaps, and even though I knew that coming onto one of the most popular podcasts about the team we wouldn’t address them THAT much, I was surprised at just how little Whitecaps I talked with Jorge and Mark. Instead, we got to talking about my comedy and curling careers, whether it’s okay to ever cheer for your team’s most bitter rival, and Jorge and Mark’s potential to be Bond villains. Enjoy a lovely chat among friends.

December 15, 2015.

Vancouver, Right?: Becoming a Pimp.
Guest with hosts Alex Biron and Simon Armstrong.

Alex and Simon host their own radio show on CitR, which stemmed from this podcast, a look at Vancouver’s absurdities through the lens of many of the funny people who live there. While we really didn’t delve into Vancouver too much specifically, we had some good conversation about my career as a teacher and we answer the age-old question regarding whether Subway has always been this bad and we were stupid as kids, or whether it’s gotten worse in the last decade.

June 1, 2015.

Tournamental Episode 54: All the James Bonds.
Guest with hosts Chris Nash and Cameron Hart.

This is a podcast that a good friend of mine, Chris Nash, is a co-creator of, so it was great fun to be asked to do it. It is also probably the silliest podcast I have ever been a guest on, as each of the 4 participants are asked to bring 4 invented characters and 1 scenario to the podcast. After explaining each of the characters, the 16 characters then do battle through those presented scenarios to find a winner. This episode featured such characters as “Cro-Magazine Man”, a shapeshifting 1970s magazine rack, and “BroncObama”, the personality of Barack Obama in the body of horse. It was great.

February 1, 2015.

Two Idahoan Potato Farmers Episode 15.
Guest with hosts Stephen Macauley and Matt Ellis.

Two friends of my good friend and comedian Alex Sparling host this ridiculous podcast, where the hosts and the guest(me) participate in “The Pitch”, where we invent ridiculous movie titles based solely on puns. Together, we decide on the funniest/stupidest one, and flesh out what that would look like were it actually a movie. In this episode, they chose one of mine, “Dangerous Finds”, a movie starring Michelle Pfeiffer as a disgraced CIA bomb technician forced to thwart a terrorist attack at the Antiques Roadshow. Seriously. This was an absolute blast and I recommend you check out this and other episodes.

November 3, 2014.

Who’s Askin’ with Chris Gaskin Episode 10.
Guest with host Chris Gaskin.

Chris is a good friend of mine, so it was fun to sit down with him for this sweeping conversation that covers curling(surprise surprise!), teaching, our contrasting styles of comedy, and how I came to be one of Vancouver’s most eligible bachelors.

October 27, 2014.

The Curling Show Episode 238.
Guest with host Dean Gemmell.

Dean was one of the first to get on the podcast train, beginning to air The Curling Show in 2004, before any of us knew what podcasts were. With over 200 episodes under his belt, his show is considered one of the best listens for any curling fan, and it was an honor to be asked to do the show after being a huge fan for a long time. We obviously discuss curling here, as we foray into how we think curling broadcasts could be improved, how curling influences my comedy, and the worst real names in curling history. Definitely one of my favorite podcasts I’ve done.

August 13, 2014.

Funnier Than Gretzky Episode 52.
Guest Hosting with Dan Quinn and guest Sunee Dhaliwal.

I filled in for Damonde for the second time, and this was a very interesting episode, as we chat hockey a bit, but about the death of Robin Williams more. It got a little serious as Sunee had recently lost a good friend to suicide before the episode was taped, and it’s a great listen. I felt like I started to catch the knack of hosting a bit more here, and it feels like you’re sitting in on a deep but nice chat between three friends.

July 30, 2014.

Funnier Than Gretzky Episode 50.
Guest with hosts Dan Quinn, Damonde Tschritter, and Brett Martin.

I set the record for FTG appearances here, as I appear for the third time on the show as part of a four-way hotstove with Brett, Damonde, and Dan. We discuss hockey’s 50-goal scorers in hilarious fashion, and as a hockey history buff, I loved this episode.

June 18, 2014.

Funnier Than Gretzky Episode 44.
Guest Hosting with Dan Quinn and guest Chris Burns.

This was my first time guest hosting, and it was a pleasure to sit down with former CFLer Chris Burns, who is one of the largest men I have ever sat at a table with. I think I struggled a bit to get the rhythm of hosting, but still enjoyed it and Chris had some awesome stories about his time as a CFL pro and meeting NHLers in the process.

March 29, 2014.

What’s So Funny? Episode 343.
Guest with host Guy MacPherson

See, I don’t just do Funnier Than Gretzky! I have a huge amount of respect for Guy, who started one of the first-ever comedy podcasts after he started turning his co-op radio show into podcasts nearly a decade ago. You can tell he is a veteran, as he did a ton of research about me and this podcast covers everything from my curling career to teaching to stand-up, and how I arrived at making people laugh. I loved doing this show.

March 3, 2014.

Funnier Than Gretzky Episode 29.
Guest with hosts Damonde Tschritter and Dan Quinn

This was my first appearance on FTG as just a regular old guest, and it was a blast. I love comedy almost as much as I love hockey, so the idea of doing a hockey/comedy pod couldn’t have appealed to me more. I guess I did a good job, because I’m now the go-to guest host whenever Damonde or Dan can’t make an episode. We discuss curling(a common theme in pods of mine), Phil Kessel’s face, and my run-in with Ryan Kesler’s wife.

January 28, 2014.

Talkfoolery Episode 143: Mouth of Enzymes.
Guest with hosts Corey Fischer and Iris Dias

This was a super fun podcast, as Iris and Corey have awesome chemistry as hosts and it shows during the interview. Many have said it’s their favorite of the podcasts I have done. We discuss curling(what else is new?), weird Craiglist ads, the only time I’ve ever been angry on stage, and I break their game of Marry/Boff/Kill in a segment that has to be heard to be believed.

September 5, 2013.

Tone Sensitive Episode 2.
Guest with host Kevin O’Quinn

This was the first podcast I ever did, and it was a pleasure to be able to do it with a good friend, Kevin O’Quinn. We had a great chat about what it’s like to have an uncle who has done 20 years in the comedy business(my uncle is pro comic Chris Quigley), and he surprised me with the information that I had mentored his son at a summer camp. We also discuss one of my favorite movies, “Angus”, and it’s just a really casual, enjoyable chat.